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Trade License in a nutshell

Trade license enables you to conduct business in the Czech Republic. Often referred to as sole-proprietorship, self-employment and sole trading, trade license is a registration with a trade license office based on which you become an entrepreneur. A person engaged in trade is called a self-employed person.

New! Flat tax for self-employed in 2021

Czech Ministry of Finance claims that the new flat rate for self-employed will lessen the adminstrative and financial load for 120 000 entrepreneurs. Find out, if you should switch to flat tax in 2021.

Secondary self-employment

So, you have a stable job and a certain income. Though there is always room for more. Why not start a side business? Earn some extra cash without any risk as you still have income from employment.

Invoicing for beginners

It is very important to issue an invoice correctly and not to forget certain details that are necessary for a proper accounting document to pass a possible tax audit.

Virtual Business Address

Virtual business address is a place, where you don’t have an actual office. However it is on your legal documents, in the legal registers, business cards, used as a postal address and so on.

Lump sum expenses: what are they

Lump sum expenditure is a concept that most of business owners hear about and get intrigued. However, many people are unaware of what this term means or confuse it with other similarly sounding terms.

Trade license or LLC?

There are several types of legal form, however the most common one is considered LLC (czech: s.r.o.).  In this article we will show you the key differences between LLC (limited liability company) and Trade license (sole proprietorship).