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We are here to provide effortless and affordable services for your business needs.

Doing business is not an easy task. Most of the time entrepreneurs have to handle several jobs inside one company. We are offering a variety of service that take care of your accounting, taxes, payroll and legal needs.

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Our team of experienced proffesionals keeps your books up-to-date, so you have oversight and control over your business expenses in timely manner. We keep track of all the necessary deadlines, create and submit reports and give you company financial overview.


Filing taxes in Czech Republic is not always an easy task. We offer tax declarations for private individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. We will file your income, road, property tax and VAT, depending on your needs.

Payroll services

Take advantage of our payroll services for small and large businesses. We take care of onboarding and offboarding of your employees, calculate montly wages, prepare payment orders, issue taxable income statements and overall process all employee records.

Representation before authorities

As a taxpayer you are not always familiar with specific procedures that must be followed in regards to certain public authorities. Whether you need help communicating with tax authority, social security, health insurance or going through routine checks we will provide you the support you need.


Make use of having our professional staff on call. Get advice on issues related to bookkeeping, accounting reports or filing taxes in Czech Republic. Make informed decisions and avoid making mistakes or receiving penalties for not following proper rules of accounting.


Let our professional team register your company or trade license to ensure that everything is in accordance to Czech legal standards and to save your valuable time
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Trade license

Trade license

We offer a range of services tailored specifically for Self-employed (people working on Trade license).


Every company is different - tell us, what are your needs: bookkeeping, payroll, tax optimization or anything else.


Want to start a business in Czechia, but have trouble figuring out a legal form? We provide consulting and registration services for all types of legal entities.
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Service Price, CZK*
"Zero report" for company 3500
Annual declaration for company from 3500
Tax declaration Trade license from 3000
Tax declaration private person 2000
Trade license registration 6000
Light VAT registration (companies and self-employed) 2000
Full VAT registration 3500
Payroll services (employee) 500
Preparation of contracts (employee) 200
VAT report/Control statement/EC sales list 1000
Consulting (hour) from 1500
Transportation tax report 1000
Property tax report 1500
Company registration (income tax) 2000
*prices do not include VAT (we are not a VAT payer).

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